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February 5, 2019
43,000+ Job Openings in LTC

In times of low unemployment, think outside the recruiting box

Follow these three tips for attracting and retaining new nurses

While the nation celebrates consistent job growth, the long-term care industry experiences the other side of the coin. Our pool of viable candidates gets increasingly smaller as new opportunities open up. And so, administrators have to be savvy.

The latest stats from TalentNeuron™ suggest the drought continues to impact assisted living and nursing homes.

Across the country, facilities listed more than 43,000 new job openings in January, which is significantly higher than the average monthly tally last year.


Enticing the employable

Researchers say there are more than enough skilled candidates capable of filling the tens of thousands of open positions. The problem lies in how to attract and retain them.

When competition is tough, posting a listing on Indeed or Care.com isn’t enough. To elicit quality responses, recruiters need to take an active role in the talent acquisition process. Here are three (slightly) unconventional tips for solving staffing issues.

  • Focus on engagement – Offering a better schedule or higher pay seems like the surefire way to staff, but that’s not always possible. Remember to encourage leadership and camaraderie among staff to improve morale.
  • Break down stereotypes – When jobseekers have
    options, they’re likely to fixate on negative stigmas
    associated with the industry. Try to offer staff
    opportunities to ‘move up’ in the organization, as well
    as free educational programs.
  • Expand your search – When pickings are slim, don’t
    be afraid to look in unexpected places. While many of
    our candidates come from backgrounds in healthcare,
    people in education and childcare make great

In short, there’s a long list of caregivers who can make your shortlist. But it’s not just about where your look, but what you make them see in you.