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July 28, 2021
A Quick Guide To Preventing And Treating Skin Tears

As people age their skin thins, becoming more susceptible to skin tears.

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Those with chronic steroid use, a history of smoking, malnutrition and dry skin are at even greater risk. A skin tear can occur from something as simple as bumping into a table, transferring in and out of bed or removing tape from dressings or briefs.

To minimize the risk, use the following tips:

• Use draw sheets to reposition residents in bed
• Only use pH-balanced cleansers when bathing
• Blot, instead of rubbing skin dry after cleaning
• Moisturize skin with an emollient cream
• Ensure residents are properly hydrated
• Secure dressings with elastic wrap instead of tape

To treat a skin tear, use the following tips:
• Gently clean area with wound cleanser
• Reapproximate the skin flap into place, if possible
• Use wound closure strips for large or deep skin tears
• Cover with an appropriate dressing for the type of tear
• Notify the healthcare practitioner of the skin tear
• Consult a wound nurse or specialist if necessary
• Monitor the skin tear as it heals for signs of infection
• Change dressings in accordance with the type of dressing used

SpecialtyRx understands the importance of keeping your residents healthy which is why we are always available for clinical consultation on the best therapy available for your patients.


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