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January 24, 2022
Advances In Wound Care

Using technology in the treatment of wound care,

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Pressure injuries and diabetic ulcers have always been difficult to treat in LTC patients. From manually measuring wounds to charting, the process can be complex, time consuming and subjective. Using technology can dramatically improve the quality of care for these patients.


Telemedicine allows providers to care for patients even when they can’t be there in person. It is convenient, efficient and well liked by patients and providers alike.

Cell and Tissue Products (CTPs)

Innovative therapies such as CTPs can have amazing results. CTPs are skin substitutes utilized in the care of chronic wounds and burns to reinitiate healing pathways.

2D and 3D Imaging

Smartphones are an excellent tool for providing accurate images and measurements of wounds. The information captured on smartphones can then be seamlessly integrated into electronic health records, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Adjunctive Therapies and Products

The COVID pandemic has taught us a lot about wound care, such as the vital role oxygen plays in healing pressure injuries and how the use of proven adjunctive therapies and products can slow the spread of the virus.

According to Ankur Dave, Compliance Officer, Pharm D., “Staying on top of best practices and the newest treatments in wound care is important to the health and well being of residents in long term care facilities. At SpecialtyRx we do our part to assist in keeping your residents healthy.”