Blizzard 2017: Snow What? - SpecialtyRx
February 9, 2017
Blizzard 2017: Snow What?

The city was frozen under a thick layer of blinding white ice. Winds wreaked havoc as the city hunkered down and watched the drama through tightly closed shutters. The Northeast was experiencing its biggest whiteout of the winter; verily 14 inches of snow blanketed the New York area and temperatures did not climb above 7 degrees.

In a chain reaction, schools were shut down in New York as blizzard conditions led to power outages throughout the city. Commuters found themselves entangled in a morass of snow-laden cars, barely muddling their way through hazardous conditions and low visibility. Travel was interrupted at major airports and on regional train lines throughout the metropolitan area.

Although most residents shielded themselves indoors, 6 people died and hundreds of others were treated for frostbite. “Even the hardy pushcart peddlers of Hester, Orchard, Mulberry and Mott Streets were driven indoors by the cold, and many small storekeepers, whose windows were frosted over, hung out signs lest customers think their shops were closed for the day,” The Times wrote.

Yet, neither rain, sleet nor snow could deter our heroic team of dedicated drivers and fleet of cars from delivering the care we promised. Relentlessly, our carriers dug through the imposing piles of snow to access their vehicles and reach their destinations in time. Due the dogged determination and dependability of our agents, not one of Specialty RX’s long term care facility residents were left without their much needed – and sometimes life-dependent prescription medications on that blustery day.

Specialty Rx extends its thanks to its devoted reps for realizing the needs of our patients. It is due to their care and indefatigable efforts that we manage to accomplish the impossible every day.