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October 23, 2018
Can you keep your CNAs?

LTC nurses need support in more ways than one

Here’s a brief take on today’s training and salary concerns

As with many aspects of long-term care, staffing seems to be a double-edged sword. On one hand, U.S. facilities desperately need experienced nurses who can provide consistent quality care. But on the other hand, providers are strapped for cash, unable to give them the raises, benefits and continued training they so clearly deserve.

This year, Elite Learning performed a comprehensive study of over 20,000 individuals working in skilled nursing, long-term care and other healthcare settings. They found that in addition to lack of professional development, fair pay continues to be a top concern.

“Coming out of nursing school, why would I go make $65,000 in long-term care if I can make significantly more than that in critical care?” asks Maria Senior, Director of Operations in the Advance Healthcare Division of Elite Continuing Education. “For the work they have to do in these facilities, they should be making more.”

Can you keep your CNAs?


Overworked. Underpaid. Unappreciated.

Today’s long-term care nurses have hit the trifecta of disillusioned workers everywhere. As a result of the study, Elite Learning is urging administrators to take these numbers into consideration. Beyond the injustice of subpar salaries, many CNAs wind up performing the same skilled duties as specialized nurses. When their hard work goes unacknowledged, it’s difficult to breed a culture of contentment and camaraderie.

Still, the problem persists: if funds are tight, how can facilities attract and keep top talent? Senior says to put emphasis on education, especially when big pay increases aren’t possible. Inspire employees be reminding them of the many opportunities for upward mobility in the profession. You can also offer in-house training, tuition reimbursement programs, as well as other appealing perks like flexible hours, convenient shiſt times, and overall reduced administrative burden.

By investing in technologies that eliminate time-consuming paperwork, nurses become reengaged in their work and can devote more time to residents. Remember that no industry is immune to the challenges of employee compensation. There are countless creative ways to motivate staff in long-term care.