Caring for residents with PTSD - SpecialtyRx
July 26, 2022
Caring for residents with PTSD

Trauma-informed care practices and policies important for treating psychological trauma,

A recent article in the July issue of JAMDA brings to light the need for better care for residents diagnosed with dementia and who have a history of psychological trauma. According to the article, entitled, A Matter for Life and Death: Managing Psychological Trauma in Care Homes , approximately 65% of nursing home residents who are veterans or Holocaust survivors experience PTSD.

PTSD affects patients mentally, physically and emotionally and is often exacerbated in patients also suffering from dementia. Those who have been treated for trauma often relapse under new stresses such as moving into a nursing home.

It is important for facilities to have trauma-informed care practices and policies in place to identify and treat residents suffering from PTSD. The article goes on to recommend providing safe environments, proper training for staff and working together with residents and families on effective care. “Providing proper care to residents in facilities involves treating the whole person, mind, body and soul. At SpecialtyRx we provide all of the pharmaceuticals necessary to treat any physical or psychological ailments and provide assistance in any way we can,” stated Joe Kubulak, Chief Operating Officer at SpecialtyRx.