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November 30, 2020
Celebrating the holidays amid a pandemic

Family gatherings are just too risky

The holiday season is upon us.


It is a time where families come together to celebrate. Long-term care facilities usually welcome family members with open arms, happy to see their residents spend quality time with their relatives and enjoy the holidays. But not this year.
Evan Shulman, Director of the Division of Nursing Homes for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently spoke at the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long-Term Care (NADONA) 33rd Annual Conference. He spoke about the holidays and Covid-19 and had this to say:


The virus does not care if there’s a holiday… It is not the time for getting together. We have to be very, very careful. We think nursing homes should be educating family and residents on the dangers of leaving nursing homes and encourage them to find other ways to celebrate.

For more details, read the full article at McKnight’s Long-Term Care News


So what can facilities do to celebrate the holidays without putting residents or staff at risk?

  • Decorate the building with cheerful holiday decorations
  • Play holiday music and movies
  • Serve traditional holiday foods
  • Set up video chats for residents and family members
  • Arrange for family members to send gifts
  • Offer holiday-themed activities such as puzzles and crafts
  • Encourage families to record messages, send emails, and holiday cards

Whatever the plan, be safe, stay safe, and always use proper precautions.


SpecialtyRX Wishes You a Happy & Safe Holiday Season!


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