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September 14, 2022
Choosing A Long Term Care Pharmacy

Tips for how to select your LTC pharmacy,

It’s important to choose a pharmacy that will partner with you in caring for your residents and help you reduce your costs without sacrificing quality. There are a number of things to look for when searching for a long term care pharmacy.

Service – Look for a pharmacy that has a reputation for providing exceptional customer and consulting services. When you have a question, you want a quick response. When you have a problem, you want a fast, practical solution. When you need emergency delivery, you want to know it’s coming and when medication costs sky rocket, you want cost effective alternatives. SpecialtyRx partners with you to assure your needs are met.

Simplification – Your LTC pharmacy should make the lives of your staff easier, particularly your nurses. Providing prepackaged medications for every time of day and easy-open packaging can save your nurses time, increase efficiency and make their jobs that much simpler, freeing them up to spend more time with patients. At SpecialtyRx we understand the needs of your nursing staff and do everything in our power to assist them.

Technology – Technology and regulations are always changing and your pharmacy needs to keep up. SpecialtyRx remains on the cutting edge of the industry. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and machinery to ensure efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness. Our staff undergoes continuing education and ongoing training to stay on the cusp of the industry.

Choose a pharmacy that is vested in the well being of your facility. At SpecialtyRx we are dedicated to providing quality care and service to patients in long term care facilities across the country by partnering with the facilities we serve.