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February 28, 2022
Debunking The Statin Myth

Study shows statin intolerance much lower than previously thought,

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International researchers conducting a meta-analysis of 176 studies, comprising over 4 million patients worldwide, revealed that fewer than 10% of patients are actually intolerant to statins. The world’s largest study on the issue used varied diagnostic criteria to study the issue from multiple perspectives.

What they found was shocking to many. The overall prevalence of statin intolerance was only 9.1%, far lower than expected. When compared against criteria from the National Lipid Association, International Lipid Expert Panel and the European Atherosclerosis Society, the percentages were even lower, coming in at 7%, 6.7% and 5.9% respectively.

It is estimated that as many as one in two patients plays with statin medication, reducing dosages and frequency or stops taking it altogether because they think it has side effects such as muscle pain.

The study revealed that statin intolerance is overestimated and overdiagnosed which means that roughly 93% of patients taking statins can be treated effectively without Safety concerns.

“Disproving misconceptions about medical treatment is important. This study is a prime example of that. Our goal at SpecialtyRx is to ensure we are providing the best medications possible, to treat patients effectively, which Is why we stay on top of studies like this one,” stated Hema Shaddarshanam, PIC at SpecialtyRx.