June 7, 2021
Digital Communications Engage Residents, Staff And Families Like Never Before

Utilizing technology to communicate in place of in-person communications became integral to resident well being during the pandemic.

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LTC facilities discovered that they were able to engage in a way they never thought of before. They could get their message across to multiple audiences in a fast and secure manner, something that can lead to increased satisfaction among residents, families and staff and potentially increase occupancy rates.

There are numerous ways to incorporate digital communications into your facility.

A digital communication platform that integrates residents’ clinical information can increase productivity and reduce errors. Creating videos to disseminate information to residents, their families, staff and even prospects keeps everyone engaged and instills a sense of community. Video chats allow friends and family who can not visit in person the ability to do so easily. The list goes on.

Once you figure out who you want to communicate with, how you want to do it and how often, you can begin to develop a plan for utilizing digital communications to its full potential.


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