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June 1, 2021
Does Your Cleaning Contractor Still Meet Your Needs?

What you looked for in a cleaning contractor pre-pandemic may not be what you look for now.

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Proof of insurance, certifications, quality assurance and distributor partners have become more important than ever.


Be sure your cleaning contractor has a general liability policy that will protect your facility if their actions cause harm or damage.


It’s important to use a cleaning contractor who is trained and educated in proper cleaning methods. Your contractor should be either CIMS or GAC certified or both.

Quality Assurance

It’s important that your contractor is utilizing some sort of high tech system to ensure quality assurance in their cleaning methods.

Distributor Partners

Find out if your cleaning contractor has an experienced and trusted janitorial distributor. Using cheap cleaning solutions and disinfectants can end up costing you.

Regular Meetings

It’s important to schedule regular meetings with your contractor as part of how you keep your residents and staff healthy. Make sure they are willing to do so.

It has become clear that your cleaning contractor is an integral part of your organization’s ability to keep everyone healthy and safe so choose wisely.


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