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March 14, 2018
Get the new LTC Opioid Playbook

What’s your position on responsible pain management?

Revisit your prescribing procedure with new resources for 2018

Leading long-term care providers are always on the hunt for quality partnerships. By teaming up with fellow healthcare groups, we’re able to realize fresh perspectives on today’s top industry challenges. One organization worth exploring is National Quality Forum (NQF), which is a member-based nonprofit, nonpartisan foundation.

NQF positions itself as the standard-bearer of universal healthcare measures, laying the “critically important” groundwork by which institutions shape their practices. Their expert committees strive to “enhance healthcare value, make patient care safer, and achieve better outcomes” by providing cutting-edge tools and research for frontline caregivers.

This month, NQF will publish a new treatise on a topic familiar to LTC: opioid prescription.


Starting on March 12th, 2018, NQF members (and the general public) will gain access to a new opioid-focused resource called National Quality Partners Playbook™: Opioid Stewardship. Available for single download (USD$150.00) or in bulk hard copy (discounted), the book provides skilled nursing administrators and caregivers with comprehensive research, tips and action- oriented plans for combatting the epidemic.

Featuring clear, organized advice and a set of research-backed standards, the report helps facilities assess their “organizational readiness to implement or improve pain management and opioid stewardship efforts.” In particular, NQF offers a variety of proven non-prescription pain management strategies perfect for older ailing patients.

A small price for safe Rx

Head over to NQF’s website to get a sneak peak at the playbook, peruse other healthcare resources, and join the greater National Quality Partners community:


Playbook Preview

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