February 7, 2018
The greater LTC community agrees: Staying relevant requires key partnerships

The New York Academy of Medicine recently hosted the 28th Annual Conference on Aging, an informational symposium and vendor expo focusing on the ever-growing needs of senior Americans. Among its many riveting discussions, the event showcased the role of aging agencies and how they offer key insight for long-term care providers. Administrators looking to secure their operations’ future success look to these agencies for advice on everything from local population trends to caregiver training.

Other participating agencies such as AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association remind us of the wealth of resources available. Seeking guidance and establishing a strong partnership with one or more of these organizations is an easy way to embolden your facility without the need for a complete reinvention. As times change along with older Americans’ needs, staying connected to other groups gives your staff an LTC leg up.

The greater LTC community agrees: Staying relevant requires key partnerships

Top Takeaways

As loyal partners of SpecialtyRx, you understand the benefits of longstanding industry collaboration. In addition to saving time, money and resources, administrators should look to other aging affiliates for strategic information on how they might better serve their local senior populations. Who better understands their impending needs than those who serve them directly?
In particular, 2018 conference presenters stressed the growing demand for dementia support and respite care. These are voids long-term care and skilled-nursing facilities are perfectly fit to fill. Speak with your city’s resident aging groups and other agencies for more ideas on how to stay relevant over the next decade and beyond.