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September 8, 2020
HHS disperses $2.5 billion in LTC relief

Is your facility still in need of testing, staff, and PPE?

Officials at HHS say: ‘Help is on the way’


SpecialtyRx recently reported on the Trump Administration’s latest aid package aimed at long-term care facilities. With a healthy total of $5 billion to be distributed, the feds will allocate half of those funds to facilities’ immediate needs—staffing, testing, and PPE.

On August 27th, officials announced that the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services formally released $2.5 billion in relief funds to 15,000+ nursing homes across the nation.

According to the HHS press release, facilities may use the initial funding for anything COVID-19 related. This comes as reassuring news for operators who have been struggling to pay their essential bills over the past few months. From N95 masks and respirators to staff payroll and training exercises, we trust that the money will be well spent.

“The Trump Administration has focused resources throughout our pandemic response on protecting the most vulnerable, including older Americans in nursing homes,” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar. “By distributing these funds and providing training resources, we are improving the quality of care in nursing homes and helping them save lives.”

PPE: shortage on a global scale

Stats and estimates reported by the World Health Organization


More funds to fall back on

Although this first round of funding will help nursing homes stay afloat, operators continue to worry about the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, the administration has promised an additional $2 billion in funds to be sent in the fall.

As previously reported, the money will be tied to certain performance indicators, which have yet to be shared. Insiders say distribution will be based on how pervasive the virus is within each facility’s neighboring community; workers’ ability to contain the spread of COVID-19; and death totals to date, among other benchmarks.

While we patiently wait for a vaccine, SpecialtyRx reminds its partners to stay safe, spend wisely, strive for 100% compliance, and remember—we’re in this together.


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