Total medication care at home

An extension of the SpecialtyRx platform, HomeRx is a retail medication program that delivers full-service pharmacy scripting and refill services directly to patients' homes. While they work on feeling better, we work on getting them better.

For patients returning home after hospitalization and/or a facility stay, HomeRx continues the same level of care and medication consistency they learned to trust. Refills for all prescriptions are delivered right to the patient's door, eliminating waiting lines, forgotten refills, and dosage confusions.

Our licensed professionals take questions, monitor refills, and coordinate directly with doctors and insurance. Patients also enjoy innovative color-coded blister packs for ease and safety; follow-up services to ensure the meds are working for them; reminders when medication is ready for refill; and convenient shipment tracking for total peace of mind.

HomeRx brings medication care home.

An Rx Revolution

Our unique multi-dose packaging makes at-home medication
administration safer and more convenient. An innovative
color-coded system organizes your doses by day, time, and
quantity for an easy, headache-free regimen.


visuals eliminate confusion


individual doses detach easily

Up to 14

medications per pack

Safe dispensing

with tamper-evident foil

100% accuracy

with automated packaging