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April 16, 2021
Dental Care in a Post Pandemic world

If anything good has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s new ways to handle every day tasks and that includes providing dental care to your residents.

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Oral care has been on the back burner for a multitude of reasons, including fear of transmission and staffing issues.

But now that more and more people are being vaccinated, a return to normal is beginning and that includes a return to proper oral care. Some of the things we’ve discovered include mobile dentistry, teledentistry and teletriage, ways to minimize aerosol producing procedures, incorporating aerosol-management devices and using antiviral mouth- washes before procedures. According to a report from the Gerontological Society of America: Pandemic-Driven Dis-ruptions in Oral Health: 10 Transformative Trends in Care for Older Adults,

“This confluence of a crisis, scrutiny, and activism provides the cauldron needed to create increased attention to oral healthcare that can lead to improvements and changes.”

You can check out the complete report here.


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