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May 24, 2021
Keep Your Facility Pest Free With These Helpful Tips

Family and friends are returning but unwanted guests may also appear.

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You should have maintained contact with your pest control provider, whether in person or via video inspections but now that the country is getting back to normal, so should your pest control procedures.

From ants to bed bugs to cockroaches to rodents, these critters carry disease and must be dealt with before they become a problem. The following tips can help keep your facility free of vermin:

• Train your team on what to look for
• Never ignore signs of pests
• Clean trash cans and food areas daily
• Be sure open windows have well-fitting screens
• Maintain regular, external inspections
• Keep landscaping at least two feet from the building
• Inspect incoming shipments before they enter
• Install door sweeps
• Store food supplies in clear, sealed containers
• Ensure shelving is off the floor and away from the wall
• Disinfect and sanitize

Staying clean, organized and vigilant will keep your facility safe.


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