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February 25, 2020
Leading Age Releases 2020 Advocacy Goals

Top aging advocates debut 2020 LTC Policy Priorities

Which issues are impacting your facility?

Each year, LeadingAge lobbyists funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars into long-term care advocacy efforts. As the “trusted voice for aging,” the group has grown to become one of the most powerful mouthpieces for America’s senior population, influencing diverse areas such as affordable housing, Medicare and Medicaid, veterans affairs, technology and telehealth, elder justice, medical marijuana and behavioral health.

Above all, some of their finest advocacy work centers on none other than nursing homes—what they call “an essential element of the long-term services and supports
systems.” To prepare lobbyists for anticipated challenges in 2020, LeadingAge announced a revised version of their annual Policy Priorities list. The document outlines the most pressing issues facing today’s nursing homes and their ability to deliver quality care.


LTC goes to Washington

For the 116th Congress, LeadingAge has assembled an ambitious list of goals. Much of the lineup promotes pro-nursing home studies, training programs, various
debated acts and proposals. They also call on the Executive Branch and CMS to “improve consistency and accuracy in the survey and certification process” and to “promote activities to establish quality measures,” among other petitions.


Contribute to the cause

As LeadingAge lobbyists gear up for battle on Capitol Hill, SpecialtyRx reminds our partners to get involved. Visit the Advocacy Action Center to share specific concerns with your senators and other representatives. LeadingAge also offers a free Advocacy Champions Toolkit designed for operators, workers, patients, families and more.