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November 23, 2020
LTC leaders vow to work with any party

LTC leaders say: “We have to unite around the common enemy”

Regardless of election results, LTC operators reboot their pandemic efforts


With major media outlets projecting a Biden/Harris victory in the 2020 Presidential Election, industry leaders are voicing their concerns. For long-term care providers, COVID-19 remains public enemy #1. Regardless of who takes office in January, advocates are prepared to work across party lines in order to secure the $100 billion healthcare package operators so desperately need. Clif Porter of the AHCA recently weighed in on the matter.

“Whether Democrat or Republican, in the House or in the Senate, the real task here is to get folks to maintain focus. It’s not the operators, not our staff. The enemy’s COVID. We need all the tools in the toolbox for this fight,” he said. “We need the same support from a President Biden as President Trump.”

Porter notes that the Trump administration has been extremely supportive of long-term care funding throughout the coronavirus pandemic. But leaders are willing to work with either party in order to get another stimulus deal passed.

“It’s just what you do,” he said. “We did it four years ago and we did it eight years ago. Each president has a different approach, so I’m not going to make assumptions. We’ll let them know out of the gate that we’ve been at the center of the storm and need to be part of the solution.”

Official election results could be days, weeks—even months away with President Trump seeking Supreme Court intervention. Porter and his fellow advocates promise that even during the lame-duck session, they will continue to engage Congressional leaders ahead of a December 11th government funding deadline and possible shutdown.

While we await a definitive election outcome, stay focused on these top priorities related to LTC funding. Solving these issues is imperative to winning the COVID-19 battle.

The long wait for long-term care

For Porter’s full interview, visit McKnight’s Long-Term Care News


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