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March 27, 2017
Meet SpecialtyRx Now

HIPAA-Compliance and Convenience, All in One App

In today’s world of complex government regulations and very tight budgets, the healthcare industry has to minimize risk while providing the best in patient care. SpecialtyRx Now is the simple secure solution for healthcare collaboration, management and compliance.

SpecialtyRx Now’s communication system is designed to comply with difficult HIPAA requirements, preserving patient safety and providing a secure platform for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Secure messaging makes all aspects of medical care more efficient, more direct and more cost-effective. With SpecialtyRx Now, professionals can reduce communication breakdowns that result in patient admission time and errors and maintain better control of inventory and billing.


Physician interactions with staff, pharmacies and facilities are fast, direct and secure with the app. From any location, physicians can respond immediately to staff, give instructions and monitor patient care. For prescribers and pharmacies, ordering or changing medications for patients can be accomplished in minutes, not hours. Using SpecialtyRx Now, the prescriber can securely message the pharmacist, and can add the attending physician to the same text conversation without having to forward or copy and paste.

-Be assured of absolute security with our encrypted network

-Communicate from any device

-Utilize time stamp and read receipt

-Manage distribution list for group discussions

-Share forms and attachments

-Set up automated out-of-office replies

-Save paper, money, and time