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June 15, 2022
Memory Loss After A Stroke

Memory returns within three months for many stroke survivors,

New research in Norway indicates that while memory loss and a reduced ability to learn afterwards are common among stroke victims, they may not be permanent.

Researchers followed 86 patients who had relatively mild strokes for three months. They conducted neuropsychological tests at the one week mark and at three months. The results, published in the Norwegian journal Nevropsykologi (Neuropsychology), held promise.

The study indicated that approximately half of the patients had various forms of memory impairment one week after the stroke. By three months about a third of those with memory impairment had improved memory function, regaining their ability to learn and recognize things.

While not all stroke survivors regain what was lost, the study shows that many do and with improved emergency medical care, treatment and rehabilitation more stroke victims survive than ever before.

Surviving a stroke has different repercussions for everyone and many patients exhibit anxiety, depression and fatigue. Support from family and friends is integral for meaningful recovery as well as good care. “At SpecialtyRx we know how important the right medications are for patients recovering from strokes which is why we provide the best medications available to the facilities we serve,” stated Hema Shaddarshanam Pharmacist In Charge.