New HIPAA regulations on the way - SpecialtyRx
November 17, 2022
New HIPAA regulations on the way

Prepare for impending HIPAA regulations

New HIPAA requirements are coming soon. Smart facilities will begin making preparations now so when these new rules go into effect, they will be compliant. There are two significant changes to the new health records privacy regulations that will require attention.

The first change involves timing. Once implemented, providers will have 15 days instead of 30 to present requested records. Handling multiple records requests at once, in half the time they are used to having, could become problematic for staff. Clear guidelines to help streamline the process will be key.

The second will allow patients to record their records (previously, they could only view them). Allowing residents to visually inspect and record their records, via photograph or video, will also become time-consuming. It will require facilities to update their policies, implement strict guidelines and train staff to ensure everything is monitored properly and facility staff maintain proper control.

Patients and their families will need to be educated on the guidelines and processes to ensure they understand what they are entitled to and what they will be receiving to avoid confusion.

“Having efficient processes in place is always imperative to success which is why at SpecialtyRx we implement a variety of guidelines and procedures to ensure we deliver what our clients need. We are here to help in any way we can to ensure our clients can remain compliant,” stated Ankur Dave, Compliance Officer.