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December 6, 2021
New Legislation Could Invest Hundreds Of Millions In Training For LTC Workers

House Passes Build Back Better Act,

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The President’s Build Back Better Act was recently approved by the House in a vote of 220-213. The $2 trillion bill includes substantial investments in long term care and other services geared for seniors.

Approximately $150 billion is being recommended to boost HCBS under Medicaid and another $329 million is being earmarked for recruiting, retaining and training LTC workers.

The vote brings older Americans one step closer to desperately needed help as well as will make great strides in alleviating workforce shortages that have been plaguing LTC facilities.

The legislation moves to the Senate in the hopes of gaining the approval it needs without affecting the proposed dollar amounts. This legislation is critical to resolving staffing deficiencies and gaps in aging services.

In addition, the legislation is calling on the Health and Human Services Secretary to study the nurse staff-to-resident ratio for skilled nursing facilities to determine an ideal minimum number and then mandate that number, a move that is coming under fire by the American Health Care Association.

According to SpecialtyRx Operations Specialist, Saba Ansari-Pharm.D., “At SpecialtyRx we like to keep a watchful eye on these things so that we can help our clients stay abreast of the latest legislative developments.”