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November 15, 2021
New Study Shows Telehealth Can Reduce Stress And Increase Access To Care

Researchers at the University of Missouri conducted a study that showed using telehealth visits for nursing home residents reduced their stress and improved their access to convenient care.

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Nursing homes across the country turned to telehealth during the pandemic to alleviate the burden on the healthcare system, protect their residents and reduce the need for hospital visits.

A study sampling nursing home clinicians and administrators from 700 homes across the country was conducted to understand the benefits and challenges associated with the adoption of telehealth in long term care.

The study revealed that telehealth improved access to care and lowered resident stress and worked even better for facilities that had previous experiences with telehealth.

While telehealth seems to have benefits, there are some drawbacks to consider, including decreasing socialization opportunities and confusion for residents with cognitive difficulties.

Telehealth may certainly be beneficial for some residents and ideal under certain circumstances, however, it should not be seen as a solution for everyone.

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