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August 19, 2022
Pressure Injuries In Stroke Patients

New study reveals link between pressure injuries and strokes,

A recent study investigated data from over 65,000 adults aged 65 and up who were admitted to SNFs after suffering strokes. The results revealed that 11% of those patients also suffered from pressure injuries upon admission to facilities.

According to the data collected, pressure injuries were more common in the elderly, non-Hispanic Blacks and patients with comorbidities. Patients with deep wounds were often younger than age 75, non-Hispanic Black and of lower socioeconomic status. Many of those patients also suffered from higher functional impairments, skin integrity issues, system failure, infection and were in an intensive care unit prior to transfer to a SNF.

The study also revealed that those with pressure wounds received less occupational and physical therapy than those without. Higher comorbidities and pain may be the reason for less treatment, however less therapy may hinder stroke recovery which is why early treatment for pressure injuries is important and may help improve outcomes for patients recovering from strokes.

According to Joe Kubulak, Chief Operating Officer at SpecialtyRx, “Our pharmacists can recommend and supply the medications necessary to help treat pressure wounds quickly and effectively so stroke patients can receive proper treatment. We work with facilities to provide optimal care to their patients to achieve the best possible outcomes.”