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November 6, 2022
Preventing staff burnout

NAM’s National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being

Staff burnout in the healthcare field has been an ongoing concern for years, with the pandemic exacerbating the situation. Creating a work environment that fosters well being and the importance of self care for nursing home staff are key to preventing burnout.

According to NAM data, prior to the pandemic, 54% of US nurses and physicians and 60% of med students and residents showed signs of burnout. A survey conducted between June and September of 2020 reported 82% of participants with emotional exhaustion, 68% reported physical exhaustion and nearly 50% of nurses reported having too little emotional support. The toll taken on healthcare workers is driving them from the field, with many leaving or planning to leave the field.

In an effort to prevent burnout NAM has devised a National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being. The plan calls upon healthcare and public health leaders, government, payers, industry, educators and other leaders to come together to drive policy and change. NAM has set forth the following goals:

  • Create and sustain positive work and learning environments and culture
  • Invest in measurement, assessment, strategies and research
  • Support mental health and reduce stigma
  • Address compliance, regulatory, and policy barriers for daily work
  • Engage effective technology tools
  • Institutionalize well-being as a long-term value
  • Recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive health workforce

“Burnout is a serious problem that needs to be tackled head on. At SpecialtyRx we understand the stress that healthcare workers are under so we do everything possible to alleviate their burden when it comes to medication ordering, packaging and receiving deliveries. Accuracy and efficiency is key to reduced stress leading to less burnout ” stated Saba Ansari, VP of Clinical Services.