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April 25, 2017
Proper nutrition. Regular exercise. Clean hygiene.

We do so much to keep our residents strong, but is it ever enough?

It’s so important to give people in our care—especially seniors—the necessary support to keep them healthy and reduce their risk of infection. We know that smart diet, nutritional supplementation and a hygienic environment do wonders. But now, when it comes to susceptibility to disease, researchers are putting more stock in the DNA department.

King’s College London recently released a study confirming that genes influence an astonishing ¾ of all immune traits. The number may seem shocking, but with years of supporting data behind it, the medical community is now rethinking its approach to fighting infection. The study revealed the following:

    • Examining 23,000 immune traits in nearly 500 adult female twins, researchers concluded that adaptive immune traits, those that respond after exposure to a pathogen, are mostly influenced by genetics.
    • Environmental factors including diet and exercise still remain significant influences that shape our innate immunity (human’s simple core response).
    • These new discoveries offer insight that could revolutionize treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and other common conditions


The study’s director, Professor Tim Spector, says,
“What this means is that we are likely to
respond in a very individualized way to an
infection such as a virus—or an allergen
such as a house dust mite causing asthma.
This may have big implications for future
personalized therapy.”

By recognizing the power of genetics and the role it plays in immunity, we are one step closer to optimizing treatment for countless autoimmune diseases. Most importantly, we can continue to provide for each resident with the individual attention they deserve.

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