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December 27, 2021
Research Shows Nursing Homes Hiring More Clinicians Than Ever Before

Hiring rates nearly doubled in last decade,

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A decade-long research initiative has shown not just an increase in resident admissions to nursing facilities but a significant increase in clinical staffing to treat them.

The University of Texas team conducting the research uncovered an increase of 19% between 2008 and 2017 in the hiring of full-time clinicians such as physicians and nurse practitioners.

The highest increase was seen among nurse practitioners, which jumped from 1,986 to 4,479 during the study period, an increase of 125%. The data was compiled using a 20% national sample from Medicare data on long-term care residents.

Having full-time providers results in fewer hospitalizations, is less disruptive, provides quick answers to medical questions and is reassuring to residents and their family members. These benefits have led some nursing homes to hire full time NPs and to pay more for Medical Directors willing to spend more time in their facilities.

The study concluded that this growing trend isn’t going away as more facilities see the benefits and advantages of having full time clinicians on staff. According to Joe Kubulak, Chief Operating Officer at SpecialtyRx, “at SpecialtyRx we understand the importance of quality staffing and we always coordinate with your clinicians to ensure your residents are receiving the vital medications they need.”