Specialty RX Has Moved! - SpecialtyRx
October 31, 2016
Specialty RX Has Moved!

On September 7, 2016, SpecialtyRx completed our move to a remarkable new facility in Ridgefield, NJ.

We undertook this massive move so we could serve our customers better. Our new facility is bursting with state-of- the-art technologies and capabilities we never could have fit into our old one. All this incredible new equipment will enable us to make every one of our services faster and more reliable than ever.

You may know that we had been contemplating this move for a long time. Our old facilities simply hadn’t grown with us. After all, we got our start serving a few local customers. Those originals are still loyally with us, but we now also serve hundreds of long-term care facilities throughout the nation. And while we’re not the “out with the old” type, we are definitely proud to be in with the new.

This new facility didn’t just help us upgrade our equipment. All the extra elbowroom has allowed us to create many new jobs. Our new team members are just as pumped as we are about serving our customers with genuine smiles and big moves forward.

SpecialtyRx is now located at 2 Bergen Turnpike Ridgefield Park. We’ve already seen positive shifts in our overall accuracy and speed, and invite you to stop by and see us. We’ll pour you a cup of coffee just like we always did, because some things never change!