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August 3, 2020
Staying positive during coronavirus

It seems everywhere we look, pessimism pervades

SRX has the tips you need to stay positive during the pandemic


For most Americans, COVID-19 has caused chaos and disruption in virtually every area of life. Distance from friends, skyrocketing unemployment, mental health breakdowns, canceled summer plans, and dwindling personal freedoms are just a few of the factors that come to mind. But for those working in long-term care, the negativity is compounded.

From nursing homes’ rising death tolls to shortages of PPE, our facilities are under a lot of stress these days. Frontline caregivers are burning out fast. Now—more than ever—it’s important to remind staff of all the amazing things they can be grateful for. Even though we’re surrounded by tragedy, the pandemic has had a few unexpected upsides.

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Silver linings

While the fight is far from over, long-term care workers can take pride in a job well done as they continue to protect our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Care coworkers have not only grown closer over the past four months, but the shutdown has also made a number of positive changes on the home front.

Parents are spending more quality time with their children (and pets!). People are getting outside more, doing more chores around the home, discovering new hobbies, and are finally taking the time to slow down in this crazy fast-paced life.

Finding it difficult to stay positive? Mental health experts have rounded up today’s top pointers for making the most of the current coronavirus pandemic. Be sure to share with fellow administrators, nurses, staff—and beyond.

5 ways to stay positive during quarantine

  1. Limit your news intake. Newsflash—with COVID-19, it’s a never-ending cycle of sad stats and depressing stories. Psychologists say it’s best to skip the constant scrolling and 24/7 news channels and limit your media intake to one source per day.
  2. Support local businesses. If you have a favorite restaurant or coffee shop, now is the time to visit. Even if you feel unsafe sitting inside, ordering takeout or purchasing a gift card helps their cause tremendously. It also makes you feel good.
  3. Capitalize on free time. For many people, downtime can be worrisome. But nowadays, we’re all in the same boat. Instead of stressing, learn to be productive. Brainstorm future business plans, tackle a new project, or clean out your closet.
  4. Reminisce and reflect. Looking to the past helps us learn and puts today’s troubles into perspective. We made it through 9/11, the 2008 recession, Hurricane Sandy, and countless other tragedies. We’ll get through this too!
  5. Help your neighbors. So much can be done from six feet away. If you’re feeling down, take time to check on your elderly neighbors, mail a card, or drop off some homemade care packages. You’ll be reminded that others have it far worse.


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