Strength training: The answer to decreasing osteoarthritis risk and pain - SpecialtyRx
November 6, 2023
Strength training: The answer to decreasing osteoarthritis risk and pain

A new research study published in Arthritis & Rheumatology found that lifting weights and doing strength training significantly decreased the risk and pain levels of osteoarthritis by about 20%, as opposed to others who never participated in this exercise.

From 2004–2006, researchers observed 2,607 people in the Northeastern US, 44% of whom were men, with a mean age of 64 and an average body mass index of 28.5. X-rays, pain assessments, and medical history questionnaires were studied in correlation with the implementation and frequency of strength training exercises. The majority of the patients had no history of strength training, with only a small percentage (0.9%) having maintained it throughout their lives.

Of the participants, 40.5% with no strength training reported frequent knee pain, with 60% showing osteoarthritis, compared to 36.9% and 53% for those who had some history of it.

Results showed that people who started strength training after 50 had some of the same benefits, perhaps even more compared to those who engaged in strength training when they were younger, leading the authors of the study to conclude that the medical community should proactively encourage more people to participate in strength training to help reduce their risk of osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions.

“Regular exercise, strength training, or otherwise, is imperative to maintaining health and mobility as we age.” Joseph Kubulak, COO