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September 25, 2017
Another growing threat to US pharmacies

A string of recent robberies are making pharmacy news headlines


What if you were the target of an attack?


It’s something you hear about often—but never imagine could happen to you. One moment you’re filling scripts, helping patients and answering phones like any other day. But in the blink of an eye, someone slips you a piece of paper demanding money or pills. Would you be brave and
resist? Send out a stealthy ‘help’ signal? Cower and comply?

Today’s the day to make a plan

Over the past few months, the industry has been rocked by stories of bank-style counter holdups. Instead of money, today’s thieves want the super expensive equivalent: prescription drugs. As the black market for opioids continues to thrive, criminals are setting their sights on a new, lucrative target. And your operation could be next.


Rx counter crime

– Back in June, employees at J&J Pharmacy in Teaneck, New Jersey were held at gunpoint and ordered to surrender “all the oxy pills.” Dressed completely in black with his face concealed, the robber was later apprehended and arrested, although the pills were never recovered.
– Federal courts decided the fate of 8 robbers near Dayton, Ohio this year after they committed over 25 separate pharmacy raids. The ringleader instructed the men to “act natural” as they passed notes threatening employees if they didn’t hand over a laundry list of drugs.
– In Mentor, Ohio, a man jumped over a pharmacy counter with a screwdriver, violently pushing the technician and demanding painkillers. He was quickly caught and charged with aggravated robbery. Video of the attack shows him swallowing pills as he exits the store.
These are the kinds of tales told by bank tellers and convenience store cashiers. But today’s pharmacy employees need to be just as vigilant. With addiction on the upswing and holdups on the rise, it’s important to put clear policy in place to keep personnel safe.
Consulting with a security service is a great start. From there, pharmacists should always be trained to remain calm, quickly comply and do whatever it takes to escape harm.


Have you adopted rules for response to robbery?
SpecialtyRx reminds you to never put lives at risk. Have ‘the talk’ today!