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July 18, 2019
The Benefits of Enhanced Medical Rehabilitation

Setting specific therapy goals helps residents grow stronger
Get a crash course on the EMR therapy model

A recent study compared seniors’ responses to traditional therapy versus goal-oriented rehabilitation, finding that the latter EMR model is superior. The trial involved a segment of skilled nursing facility residents who were undergoing therapy aster surgery, stroke, minor injury, acute illness, and other common physical and occupational complaints.

In goal-oriented rehabilitation—a technique of the Enhanced Medical Rehabilitation (EMR) model – therapists put emphasis on clear, tangible goals. Beyond healing a knee or gaining strength in an arm, patients are encouraged to ‘visualize’ themselves making their favorite crasts, reading the paper, taking a stroll or playing with grandchildren.

By using these motivational factors, researchers say residents clocked more active time and regained better mobility compared to those receiving traditional forms of therapy.



If words could heal

In the study, subjects with goal-oriented sessions were paired with therapists trained in EMR, which is a “toolkit of techniques to increase patient engagement and therapy intensity,” says the report. “Enhanced medical rehabilitation modestly improved short-term functional recovery for selected older adults rehabilitating in SNFs.”

No expensive machinery. No madcap treatment methods.

Although EMR methodology did not quicken recovery time, it did not add time to therapy sessions either, making the positive approach a clear success. Not to mention, past studies show that longer, more intense therapies have only modestly improved outcomes. Therefore, therapists’ heightened engagement with post-acute rehab patients—coupled with more PT/OT time—is bound to better discharge rates.

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