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November 8, 2019
The value of IPs

Certified infection preventionists improve antibiotic stewardship

5+ reasons you should have a specialist on staff

Recent research from Columbia University indicates a strong link between IPs and the effectiveness of a facility’s antibiotic stewardship program. Published in the American Journal of Infection Control, the study surveyed 861 U.S. nursing homes, concluding that facilities with ‘comprehensive’ ASP policies were 5x more likely to have an IP on staff.

The survey comes as positive news to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. As the agency has cracked down on ASP regulation, nursing homes “are becoming more comprehensive.” Also, “Infection control training and partnerships with QIN-QIOs can support NHs to increase ASP comprehensiveness.”


From IP to excellence

Beyond infection preventionists’ positive impact on ASP outcomes, they offer countless other benefits. Having a trained in-house specialist increases safety for residents, improves staff accountability and boosts awareness for all parties involved. Here are 5 more ways an IP can strengthen the health of your SNF:

  • IPs have deep knowledge of immunizations and vaccinations; in general, prevention is far more cost-effective than treatment
  • IPs are specifically trained in the CBIC’s 6 core competencies, providing them key insight and strategies for regulatory compliance
  • IPs work right alongside nurses; collaboration and communication lead to important education on identifying symptoms, etc.
  • IPs take on goal planning, clinical consultation and other leadership roles; fulfillment of these duties relieves stress from other staff
  • IPs will soon be a significant factor in Phase 3 RoPs (Requirements of Participation), which kick in late