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September 18, 2023
Tralokinumab Breaks Ground in Atopic Dermatitis Care

Study Finds Hope For Those With Atopic Dermatitis

“Tralokinumab proves safe and effective for older adults with atopic dermatitis, as per a recent trial,” reports Joseph F. Merola, MD, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who led the study.

The drug, already approved for adults with the condition, displayed remarkable results in a phase 3 trial, showcasing its safety and efficacy.

In this trial, secondary analysis revealed that individuals taking tralokinumab for 16 weeks witnessed a 75% or greater improvement in their eczema index compared to those receiving a placebo.

Published in JAMA Dermatology on August 23, the trial encompassed 75 participants aged between 70 and 73. Over 56% of older adults taking tralokinumab concurrently used five or more medications.

Safety profiles were similar between the tralokinumab and placebo groups after 16 weeks. Notably, the tralokinumab group had no vascular disorders, while one patient in the placebo group experienced accelerated hypertension and deep vein thrombosis, with no reports of herpes zoster or fatalities.

Adbry is the brand name for tralokinumab, an interleukin (IL)-13 antagonist administered via injection, FDA-approved in 2021 for treating moderate to severe atopic dermatitis in adults.
These findings hold significance for older individuals who often encounter unique treatment challenges, including more severe disease, comorbidity, polypharmacy, infection risk, and low adherence to conventional therapies.

“At SpecialtyRx, we’re deeply encouraged by the transformative potential of tralokinumab in providing hope and relief to long-term care patients battling the burdens of atopic dermatitis,” Saba Ansari, VP of Clinical Services