Updated Covid-19 Vaccination Form Coming Soon - SpecialtyRx
May 11, 2022
Updated Covid-19 Vaccination Form Coming Soon

New form for long term care providers goes into effect,

Beginning May 23rd, LTC providers will begin seeing changes to the vaccination form used to update shots data on the National Health Care Safety Network (NHSN). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is updating the COVID-19 vaccination form for long-term care providers later this month. According to the CDC, the changes are designed to simplify the reporting process and will include:

Deleted Questions Added Questions
Vaccine manufacturer categories for primary vaccine series and additional doses/booster questions. Cumulative number of individuals who are up-to-date with their COVID vaccines.
Vaccine supply questions. Number of residents who’ve received booster doses.

Being up-to-date is defined as having received a booster dose, completed the primary series of an mRNA vaccine within five months or a single dose of Janssen within two months.

The agency is also adding an optional Event-Level Vaccination COVID-19 Reporting Tool along with the NHSN update for easy data submission. “Being compliant is imperative to maintaining quality care and that includes doing the appropriate paperwork. At SpecialtyRx we are always on top of our required paperwork and in total compliance with regulations so you can be sure that you are getting safe, quality products and services,” stated Saba Ansari, Operations Specialist.