Using Technology To Better Serve Our Clients - SpecialtyRx
August 31, 2022
Using Technology To Better Serve Our Clients

Exclusive, secure access to SpecialtyRx just got easier,

At SpecialtyRx we’re always looking for ways to improve our customer service. With SpecialtyRXNow added to Outlook, our customers can quickly and easily reach out to us at any time and receive a quick response.

Our HIPPA compliant chat forum can be added to your Outlook and you can chat with your SpecialtyRx representative or any other member of our team quickly, efficiently and securely.

“SpecialtyRXNow is just one more way we strive to meet and exceed the needs of our clients on a daily basis,” stated SpecialtyRx Operations Specialist, Saba Ansari-Pharm.D.

To learn how to add SpecialtyRXNow to your Outlook, click here.

To learn how to use SpecialtyRXNow click here.