Covid 19 Q+A

The answers to your questions are right here

We know you have concerns about the logistics pertaining to getting the necessary vaccine doses so we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions facilities are asking and provide concise, accurate answers.

There are numerous pharmaceutical companies working on a Covid-19 vaccine. Currently, Pfizer is closest to a solution. The estimated date of availability is the end of November; however, based on final clinical trials and results, that date could change.

Whichever pharmaceutical company is first to market, will be the one that is distributed first.

No. Whichever company is first to receive approval will be the vaccine distributed by the government.
We will be shortly; federal paperwork is being finalized now.
It has been successfully proven to the CDC that all LTC pharmacies are capable of managing the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine without concern. Signed contracts are being issued shortly and a press release from MHA will announce the validity and capability of all LTC pharmacies to adequately provide Covid-19 vaccines.
The questionnaire asks you to choose CVS, Walgreens, or to opt out. If you opt out, you may select your pharmacy vendor or the state. If you choose the state, you will receive the vaccine directly from a wholesaler or distribution site and will be responsible for the storage, administration, and reporting.
Originally set for October 30th, it has been extended to November 6th.
There is no order of priority.
The government is taking on the responsibility of payment.
We are being told that there will be ample vaccines available to fulfill every clinic’s need.
It is still unclear how the vaccine will be packaged; much will depend upon what is approved. Pfizer is planning to package in 5-dose MDVs, requiring reconstitution.
No, the pharmacy is responsible for storing the vaccine at all times. Staff will bring the vaccines with them on the day they arrive.
Yes, the pharmacy will ship the vaccines into facilities under proper storage conditions and trained personnel will administer them.
Yes. We supply everything that is necessary for administering the vaccine.
Staff may vaccinate elsewhere under Phase 1A which is set up for healthcare workers, but can also receive the vaccine under Phase 1B, which is for patients in LTC and ALF.
Yes. Any members of your nursing staff that did not receive vaccinations prior to the clinic will receive a vaccination.
The pharmacy is responsible for keeping track of all reporting and timing of the doses and the vaccine clinics.
SpecialtyRx will be recording and processing all data for the CDC. The method for reporting has yet to be determined; however, it is likely to be done through the pharmacy software systems or via separate arrangement with IIS.
Until all clinical trials are complete, we do not know what the possible side effects will be. All warnings will be presented to the patient prior to receiving the dose.
Until we have an exact vaccine, we cannot know if there will be any contraindications. Once a vaccine is approved, and we receive all the literature, we will include it on a fact sheet that will accompany each vaccine.
That information is not available yet; safety studies are still underway.
The CDC is expanding safety surveillance monitoring systems so that anyone who notices adverse effects can report the information at any time after vaccine administration. The CDC and FDA are interested in real time monitoring so in addition to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), other systems of reporting will be in use, including the Vaccine Safety Assessment for Essential Workers (V-SAFE), which will operate from a smartphone and the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). It is the pharmacy’s responsibility to file a report so in addition to following your usual protocols, it is imperative that you immediately notify the pharmacy of any issues.