Covid 19 Q+A

The answers to your questions are right here

We know you have concerns about the logistics pertaining to getting the necessary vaccine doses so we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions facilities are asking and provide concise, accurate answers.

Yes, all 3 manufacturers have been approved for the booster dose.

Those that got Pfizer or Moderna for the initial series are eligible if :

- it has been 6 months since the initial series was completed

- individuals age 65 and over

- LTC residents age 18 and over

- individuals 18-64 with an underlying medical condition or high risk

- those that got the 1st dose at least 2 months ago

- those that are age 18 and over

Yes, FDA and CDC have authorized the mix and match of COVID-19 vaccines. So if you received any of the 3 vaccines initially, you can receive any of the 3 as a booster dose.

The Pfizer and Janssen booster dose is the same as the initial series. The Moderna booster uses the same product, but is only HALF the dose (0.25ml) as compared to the initial dose of 0.5mL.

You do not have to wait in between different vaccines. In fact, you can get the flu and COVID vaccines together.

Yes, a 3rd dose is approved for Pfizer and Moderna recipients only. This dose is for immunocompromised patients and is given 28 days after the 2nd dose. Janssen does not have this dose approved or available.

The CDC vaccine card is the best form of proof, The original or uploaded photograph is valid. You can also get a copy of your vaccine record from the state registry and the printout or photo upload of this is valid. Different states also have different apps, and these apps are optional methods and sometimes don't pull up your vaccine record. This does not mean your vaccine was not validated, so please do not rely on the app. NY uses an app called Excelsior and NJ uses the Docket app.