Vitamin D May Be The Answer To Alzheimer’s - SpecialtyRx
April 17, 2023
Vitamin D May Be The Answer To Alzheimer’s

A New Report on How Vitamin D Could Protect Patients With Alzheimer’s

A new study shows exposure to Vitamin D supplements is linked to a lower rate of dementia and longer dementia-free survival compared to no exposure to Vitamin D.

Conducting a study from over 12,000 older participants using data from the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center, investigators explored the effects of Vitamin D on long-term dementia incidence.

The participants were dementia-free at baseline, and it was concluded that those exposed to Vitamin D had a 40% lower dementia incidence when compared to those who had no exposure. The participants and the effects of the study varied across cognitive status, sex, and genetic risk—APOE ε4—status. For example, Vitamin D offered a significantly lower dementia incidence in females than in males.

The study also found that the effects of those with normal cognitive function were more significant—56% lower dementia incidence. Versus those with mild cognitive impairment—33% lower incidence. With the 33% lower incidence, the findings “emphasize the importance of interventions early in the disease course.”

Furthermore, the results concluded that dementia gene carriers could benefit less from Vitamin D supplements than those without genetic risk. Those with a higher risk can store more elevated levels of Vitamin D so that they won’t have a notable reaction to supplementation.
“Studies like this are important for us to understand Alzheimer’s further. There isn’t a cure, so anything we can do to lower the risk is always essential to study. It’s also vital that caregivers stay up to date with these studies to provide the best possible care” – Hema Shaddarshanam, PIC.