With warm thanks from your trusted pharma family, here’s wishing you a happy, healthy 2018 - SpecialtyRx
January 3, 2018
With warm thanks from your trusted pharma family, here’s wishing you a happy, healthy 2018

It’s been an eventful year here at SpecialtyRx. Over the past 12 months, we’ve brought you the latest long-term care updates, keeping you informed of all the breaking Rx headlines dominating industry news. Our tips and tidbits touch on just about everything, but no matter the subject, we always have your best interests at heart.

Top SRX stories 2017

Revolutionary regulation

With big changes shaking up the White House and Capitol Hill, LTC providers stayed on their toes throughout most of 2017. We’ve helped you navigate the ever-changing regulatory maze, and look forward to keeping you abreast of new developments in the new year.

Tracking telemedicine

Technology continues to change the face of skilled nursing and long-term care, enriching the patient-caregiver experience with groundbreaking methods of communication. Stay tuned as our researchers anticipate even more telehealth innovations on the horizon.

Pharmaceutical findings

From vaccination recommendations to ruminations on drug diversion and the opioid crisis, it’s been a busy 2017. We remain committed to simplifying Rx access and maximizing savings for patients and facilities nationwide—especially for you, our loyal partner.

Medicare & Medicaid musings

Issues of CMS compliance are a constant administrative worry. That’s why we stay on top of program regulation, offering a steady stream of advice so you and your staff can focus on what’s important. In 2018, we’ll deliver more up-to-the-minute counsel on all matters of Medicare.

As we reflect on another year of successful facility assessment and quality care upkeep, remember that our patients, nurses, pharmacists and staff deserve the absolute best, 365 days a year. Others may set their sights on short-lived new year’s resolutions, but those of
us in healthcare know that giving 100% is a yearlong—and lifelong—commitment.

May the spirit of the season fill your
heart with peace and prosperity!