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November 4, 2020
‘Wow Wednesday’ makes mealtime fun

Even in isolation, savvy supervisors promote quality of life

Try these tips for engaging residents with food


This year has been an emotional roller coaster for everyone. Beyond the physical threat of coronavirus, individuals may be feeling particularly lonely, depressed, or anxious.

Quarantine measures have made it difficult for residents to stay connected with friends and family, while social distancing has eliminated life’s little pleasures—those moments that engage and inspire. Whether it’s a warm meal in the company of neighbors, fun community activities, group arts and crafts, or weekly game nights, COVID-19 has stripped many facilities of the healthy experiences residents need to thrive.

Furthermore, being isolated also impacts people’s physical health. Some may have become more sedentary in recent months, missing out on important exercise, hydration, and nutrition. But with a bit of creativity, some long-term care providers are finding ways to indulge residents, all while keeping them safe and fit in the process.

Introducing: Wow Wednesdays

RDN Cindy Dahl reports that some post-acute care facilities are finding ways to ‘kill’ the coronavirus discussion and engage their community with some fun, imaginative experiences involving food. Of course, staff should remain compliant.

“Talk about it Monday and Tuesday and serve the ‘wow’ food item on Wednesday. Talk about it again on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Why one day and not every day? One day makes it special and something to look forward to each week.”

The long wait for long-term care

Read Dahl’s full column at McKnight’s LTC News

If you’ve been searching for a low-cost way to infuse new ‘life’ into your socially distanced facility, take a cue from Dahl. Involving residents and personnel is a great way to breed excitement and socialization—a healthy buzz going around the facility.

“Some successful examples I’ve seen from our post-acute teams include a blueberry cheese blintz at breakfast; poached pears in lavender sauce with blueberries and mint; tricolored chicken tortellini; strawberry lemonade cupcakes; ‘Panda-demic’ orange chicken bowls; fruit pizzas; and Cherry Garcia cookies.”


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