SpecialtyRx transforms drug care by simplifying access, communication and savings for healthcare facilities nationwide.

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Were in the business of
extending and enhancing quality
of life through medication therapy,
strong communication, and continued

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With capable software, we help all our healthcare partners stay in touch with what matters most.


FDA Current Drug Shortages
and Alternatives

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You deserve special treatment

As your Long Term Pharmacy Partner, our five CareCores represent the standards

you can expect from the SpecialtyRx team:

Bi-weekly visits

As your Long Term Pharmacy Partner, our five CareCores represent the standards you can expect from the SpecialtyRx team:

Your needs, anticipated

Tracking seasons, trends, and health news to help you stock up on necessities.

Exactly as you asked

Going to every length to obtain products you need, even ones we dont carry.

Said, done, delivered

We have never missed a single delivery even during Hurricane Sandy

Multiple daily deliveries

Got an emergency? Get delivery anywhere in the nation within hours

Connections you can count on

Long Island hub and contracts with local pharmacies in all national markets

Real pharmacists

With Registered Nurses as account managers, we deeply understand care

Real results

Our RNs perform cart audits, attend meetings and maximize cost-effectiveness

Quality compounding

Cutting-edge machinery for specific medication mixes, non-sterile and sterile IV

Direct insurance interfacing

Helping you slash your overhead, administrative headaches and costly errors

Smart therapeutic interchange

Suggested where generics can deliver the same effect as name-brand goods

3-hour turnaround

STAT orderswith insurance paperwork filedeliminate expensive drug use

FacilityLink software

Powerful interfacility platform puts patient and drug data at your fingertips

Redundant quality checks

Our fulfillment track features as many as 5 quality assurance checkpoints

Real time tracking

All orders monitored at headquarters from dispatch through delivery to you

How we make you our specialty


Increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and enabling better care all around.

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Delivering full-service retail pharmacy scripting and refill services to patients homes..

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Keeping our staff learning, our partners informed, and the industry moving forward.

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Michelle Hart


"We've built a great relationship with SpecialtyRx over the years. They've always been preemptive and ahead of the trend."

Odysseus Minelo


"Having SpecialtyRx handle the insurance paperwork frees me up to focus on the team so they focus on patients. It also eliminates costly mistakes."

Susan Roman


"Hurricane Sandy left us without power for 10 days, but SpecialtyRx delivered all medications-along with pizza! They knew we were all starving."

Dave Lesser

Home Admin

"It's nice working with a company that's tech savvy. The ability to track orders from our laptops and tablets makes care so much easier."

Jennifer Acres

Insurance Specialist

"I find it amazing that SpecialtyRx's 3-hour STAT orders arrive with all paperwork filed. That's our lifesaver during multiple simultaneous admissions."

Marco Williams

Senior Nurse

"The ongoing education provided by SpecialtyRx is one of the best things for our team, and has elevated our ability to provide exceptional care."